Klingenburg USA, LLC

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Who we are

Klingenburg USA stands for unbeatable competence in energy recovery – developed by German engineers, produced in the USA. Our priority for quality is just as important as the long service life of our products. Klingenburg heat exchangers and humidifiers cover all space heating and cooling needs - from small apartments to large factories, cruise ships, spray paint shops and data-processing centers.

We strive to remain transparent and honest as part of efforts to promote and nurture long-term partnerships with our customers. Our customers value our quality and the reliability and punctuality of our deliveries.

We provide individual solutions, precisely tailored to our customers’ requirements. Thanks to our global service operations and highly-trained staff, we can resolve any problem on the spot.

We have earned a market reputation as the most innovative supplier of energy recovery components. Our in-house research and development division is constantly striving to create new and innovative products to save energy and help protect the climate and environment.

Most of the production machinery used to manufacture our heat exchangers and humidifiers is constructed inhouse by our own machinery division. This safeguards our high quality and allows us maximum flexibility.