Cross-Flow Plate Heat Exchangers

Shapes and Sizes

Klingenburg cross-flow plate heat exchangers are available in various shapes and sizes.


PWT 10

PWT 20

PWT 25

PWT 30

PWT 40

PWT 60


Sizes vary between 200 and 1200 mm, while the spacings between the transfer plates vary between 1.8 and 14 mm.

Cross-flow plate heat exchangers are available in stainless steel in 800 and 1000 mm sizes and with plate spacings of 8, 10 or 13 mm.

Their modular construction means that we can deliver any desired edge dimension and package length.

Special Shapes

In addition to the shapes mentioned, we also develop special shapes for wide-ranging applications and uses, for example, in installation engineering. Always tailored to our customers’ specific needs.