New product: PET Counterflow Heat Exchanger

Klingenburg has enlarged its product portfolio in the field of Counter flow plate exchangers (GS). In addition to the established GS counter flow plate exchangers constructed of Aluminum, we now offer Counter flow plate exchangers with transfer media made out of PET. The new line, named GS-K, represents the highest efficiency. Its machine welded plates provide quintessential tightness.

The temperature range: -20°C/-4°F up to +70°C/+158°F.

The GS-K from Klingenburg are hygienic tested and microbial inert according DIN-ISO 846 and safe to use in environments where food products are present. Also, GS-K are certified according to “Baustoff-Brandschutzklasse” B2, DIN 4102, part1, a German fire protection classification.


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