Counterflow Plate Heat Exchangers

Optimal efficiency wherever installed

In efficiency terms these are world champions. Klingenburg Counterflow Plate Heat Exchangers recover up to 90% (by rigorous calculations) of existing room heat or cold. This makes them perfect for any ventilation system – from small apartments to office complexes, farm stables to swimming pools and refrigerated stores to warehouses. The possibilities are practically endless.

Broadly speaking, counterflow exchangers are used wherever a circulation of air is undesirable. since in this design the airstreams are wholly separated.

Highest Quality and Hygiene

Our high quality standards apply to Counterflow Plate Heat Exchangers as with all our products. Customers appreciate their high stability and precision design and manufacture. They are hard-wearing and easy to clean in a dishwasher.

Our special manufacturing processes help us excel when it comes to the particularly sensitive matter of hygiene. The airflow plates in the exchanger are joined by a special paste that spreads out during the drying process. This ‘adhesive diffusion’ ensures optimal sealing and fills in the smallest nooks and niches, eliminating any buildup of germs or corrosion right from the start.

GS sizes
We offer ten standard sizes of countercurrent exchangers in aluminium - the widest range around.

Widest Range on the Market

GS 25, GS-K 25 and GS 25 Epoxy
GS 25, GS-K 25 and GS 25 Epoxy

We offer ten standard sizes of countflow exchangers in aluminum - the widest range around. from the hand-sized GS 16 for the smallest spaces and shallow suspended ceilings to the generously proportioned GS 110. These two units also happen to be the smallest and largest Counterflow Plate Heat Exchangers currently available in the world.

Width is selectable on all models and all are naturally also available with a bypass.

Under circumstances where the air has a corrosive impact on the exchanger material, such as in swimming pools, the Klingenburg counterflow units are available in epoxy-coated versions.

And for those who prefer plastic counterflow exchangers, we have the perfect solution. With Klingenburg’s usual high quality, of course.

Option: Counterflow Units with PET Transfer Material

the GS-K 366
The new GS-K 366 design from Klingenburg

In addition to the trusted range of aluminium counterflow exchangers, Klingenburg also supplies these units with transfer material in PET.

Maximum efficiencies are achieved by the new counterflow exchangers with the GS-K designation. Their machine-welded plates offer the highest possible seal. while their operating temperature range is -20 to +70°C.

The GS-K exchangers from Klingenburg are naturally hygiene-tested and microbially inert as per DIN ISO 846, making them suitable for contact with food. They are also certified for the B2 fire protection class of building materials under DIN 4102 Part 1.

We offer PET counterflow exchangers in the GS-K 18, GS-K 25 and GS-K 30 models and also in the new GS-K 366 size.

Advantages of the GS at a Glance

  • Counterflow air guiding through defined ducts, hence high performance with low pressure loss no matter what the air volume
  • Ten design sizes with variable widths, air volumes from 50 to 2000 m³/h per individual unit
  • Aluminium construction resistant to sea water
  • Precision machine manufacture
  • Clean designs with completely smooth outer surfaces for optimal sealing in air-conditioning systems
  • No screws required
  • Can be cleaned in a dishwasher
  • Long service life
  • Resistant to frost damage
  • Resistant to heat (e.g. where situated near a heater)
  • No release of hazardous vapours in the event of a fire
  • Epoxy-coated versions for special applications such as swimming pools or farm stables
  • Also available with bypass
  • Sealing between plates provided by adhesive diffusion of the sealant, thereby highly airtight
  • No hazardous bacteria formation or corrosion since any niches or nooks in which water could collect are sealed
  • Extremely hygienic thanks to complete and optimised drainage of condensate
The smallest Counterflow plate heat exchanger
The smallest Counterflow plate heat exchanger available in the world: the GS16 from Klingenburg.