Rotary Heat Exchangers

Cutting-edge technology from the global market leader

When it comes to recovering thermal energy in air-conditioning systems, nothing beats a rotary heat exchanger. No other energy-recovery system can rival its performance with large air volumes in small spaces.

As an innovative global market leader with more than three decades of experience, we have a globally unrivalled product range, encompassing various types and designs.

Our rotors are found in residential and office buildings, factory buildings, automotive paint shops, data processing centers, cruise ships and hot-air systems such as waste incineration or sewage-sludge drying. Klingenburg manufactures the largest rotors in the world, up to eight meters in diameter.

We can custom-build the exact rotary heat exchanger you need - heat, cold or moisture transfer or for drying - with precision, in millimeter increments to the shape, size and design that you specify.

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