New product: GS 30-Top

The GS 30-TOP with improved energy efficiency

Additionally to the current range of aluminium counter-flow plate heat exchangers, Klingenburg GmbH now offers a new version known as the GS 30-TOP which by identical geometry, delivers a higher efficiency of up to 4%-points more than the standard GS 30.

This is made possible through a tighter plate distance.

Also through the optimization of the plate structure itself, the increase of pressure loss has been minimized so that the energy efficiency has been increased, whether in full load or part load operation.

It goes without saying that all GS Types from Klingenburg meet and exceed the Heat Recovery Class H1.


Standard volume supply and return air each 400 m³/h
Air pressure 1013 mbar
Outdoor air supply 5°C / 72% rel.H.
Return air supply 25°C / 23% rel.H.

GS 30 / 500

Recovery Efficiency dry (EN308) 81,4 %
Heat output 2,19 kW
Standard pressure loss supply 75 Pa
Energy Efficiency (DIN EN 13053) 80,4

GS 30-TOP / 500

Recovery Efficiency dry (EN308) 85,5 %
Heat output 2,3 kW
Standard pressure loss supply 113 Pa
Energy Efficiency (DIN EN 13053) 83,9